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Linen plays an important role in caring for patients in nursing and retirement facilities. Bed and dining room linens need to be processed in a tight space, yet maintain high standards of sanitation and quality. Chicago’s product line makes the best use of your laundry’s footprint while reducing energy and labor costs. Sheets, napkins, banquet tablecloths and rounds up to 132” are easily processed on mid-range Laser models. And, Chicago can fold high volumes of tumbled-dried items, such as knitted fitted sheets, gowns, bath towels and thermal blankets – on a single machine. 

Energy Savings

Utilizes alternate heat sources and methods that reduce the amount of energy required to process linens.


Designed to reduce employee muscle fatigue and increase productivity by limiting the amount of physical movements – including bending, lifting and pulling apart linen.

High Production

Large capacity equipment designed to accommodate high-volume laundry facilities, such as commercial, textile rental, institutional and government plants.

Labor Savings

Equipment automates production to reduce the number of full-time employees required to process laundry.

Space Savings

Compact designs engineered to fit within limited space.


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Air Chicago Elite XL/XXL

Air Chicago Elite XL/XXL

Laser Line

Laser Line

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Chicago offers the world's widest range of gas, thermal fluid, steam, and electrically heated commercial ironers in many different roll diameters and lengths to handle any production requirement.

Imperial - 1 Roll

Imperial - 1 Roll

Small Ironers Mid-Range Laser Series Ironers Imperial Series Ironers


Chicago's folding line includes a large selection of folding and stacking equipment to meet the unique needs of any commercial laundry regardless of floor space, laundry volume or linen type.


Chicago offers the world's widest range of "all-in-one" finishing units. Our combination finishing equipment is designed for the commercial laundry facility that has limited floor space but still wishes to produce quality linens that only a Chicago feeding / ironing / folding combo machine can provide.


Chicago also offers additional equipment to refine your finishing system's performance.