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When choosing a flatwork finishing partner, you want a company that has direct experience working with a business like yours. Chicago is that partner. From the importance of meeting footprint restrictions on cruise ships to automating commercial plant work flow, Chicago understands the industry’s vast complexities.

Our ability to deliver solutions is attributed to the people we hire, the products we offer and the service we provide.  

People. Chicago prides itself on an average employee tenure of over 17 years. So if you want to talk through linen flow layout or simply need assistance with a replacement part, you are speaking with knowledgeable professionals who have a vested interest in your business.

Product Line. As a flatwork finishing specialist, Chicago has the widest selection of high-production separating, feeding, ironing, folding and sorting equipment. Chicago is also one of the few finishing companies that designs and fabricates the complete product – including the electrical controls. Producing parts in-house ensures the highest level of quality in every component of every machine.

Customer Support. The ability to get an answer to your question the first time is more than valuable, it’s expected. Chicago has skilled repair professionals who can respond immediately by phone or e-mail, and field professionals who can be on-site promptly as needed.

Chicago is also able to quickly adapt to changes in customer needs, such as developing cutting-edge products like the Turbo King Edge Vac, CHI Touch and CHI Vision. What makes this possible? All of our equipment is designed and built in a single factory, which allows us to provide an intensive level of attention to every machine we offer – and respond to unique customer requests.