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Correctional facilities generate high volumes of laundry that require large capacity, dependable equipment to meet demand. Chicago understands these requirements and the need for safety.  The patented product line includes finishers like the Century – a deep steam heated chest ironer that can process between 600 and 2,000 pounds per hour – and the Powerhouse – a fully self-contained gas-heated thermal ironer as well as small capacity machines. When added to the high-speed Skyline folder, correctional facilities streamline operations while enjoying an increased level of security with defined access levels, lock out options and panel locks. 

Energy Savings

Utilizes alternate heat sources and methods that reduce the amount of energy required to process linens.


Designed to reduce employee muscle fatigue and increase productivity by limiting the amount of physical movements – including bending, lifting and pulling apart linen.

High Production

Large capacity equipment designed to accommodate high-volume laundry facilities, such as commercial, textile rental, institutional and government plants.


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Skyline CT

Skyline CT

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Chicago's folding line includes a large selection of folding and stacking equipment to meet the unique needs of any commercial laundry regardless of floor space, laundry volume or linen type.



Small Piece Small Piece Accumulation


Chicago also offers additional equipment to refine your finishing system's performance.