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Chicago’s in-house design team has created CHI•Touch, the most exciting advance in finishing equipment control technology.

On many models in our automated laundry systems, all the traditional CHI features and functions such as automatic operation, self-testing, fault display and built–in diagnostics are incorporated into an even faster PC-based color touch screen control we call CHI•Touch. Its advanced architecture merges the familiar CHI's simple intuitive control sequences with the technology to meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.

Designed to meet the rigors of laundry environments, the new CHI platform offers better visualization of functions for operators, floor management, and service teams. Its graphical interface has the flexibility to work with current and future reporting and networking technology, while maintaining CHI's field-proven flexibility to work in any laundry’s environment.

What remains unique about CHI is that it is still designed, manufactured, and refined in-house by Chicago® employees with minimal reliance on outside hardware or software vendors whose quality standards, priorities, or product availability may vary over the long service life expected of a capital investment in Chicago equipment. In this regard, Chicago will continue to be the industry leader in automated laundry systems including product innovation, reliability, and support—the same tradition which has served Chicago and its users well for over a century.

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