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The compact BRIDGE laundry conveyor neatly transfers stacks of folded linen from a sheet, blanket, or towel folder onto a master laundry conveyor system. After receiving stacked linen directly from a folder’s discharge conveyor, the Bridge’s motor-driven roll advances the stack across its heavy duty mini-conveyor which then extends above the master conveyor before gently transferring straight stacks of finished laundry into the flow of the master conveyor.

Immediately, or after a slight delay if there is passing traffic on the master conveyor, a belt drive system moves both the linen stack and Bridge mini-conveyor to a position extended slightly above the master conveyor. Linen continues to be moved forward by motor-driven ribbons and is automatically unloaded onto the master conveyor as the Bridge retracts to its original position – ready for the next stack.

The DRAWBRIDGE is a system of paired Bridge units controlled by a single panel. It is designed to be positioned at the back of the SKYLINE SP, using individual hinged inlet conveyors between the folder and Bridges that can be raised for easier maintenance access, but can also be used with dual stackers.

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