Chicago Folders and Stackers

Skyline CT

The last step in the laundry finishing process is accurate, crisp, and consistent folding of ironed or tumble dried items. Chicago’s laundry folding line includes a large selection of folding and stacking equipment to meet the unique needs of any commercial laundry regardless of floor space, laundry volume or linen type.

Skyline large piece folder series includes over 40 different models with automatic selection of correct folds for sheets, tablecloths, blankets, pillowcases and napkins. The versatile Skyline SP series is for flat stacking or half / quarter folding of pillowcases, napkins and similar items in separate lanes at the same time. The Skyline Blanket folder series has special roll clearances and a reversing conveyor crossfold section to accommodate thicker blankets and spreads, as well as sheets.

The patented Air Chicago series includes six different equipment models using Air Induced Response to accurately fold all types of laundry - from hand towels to pool towels, as well as bath mats, patient gowns, scrubs, aprons, and blankets.

The Air Chicago series comes in a variety of sizes including an automatic Triple Sorting version, the streamlined quality towel folder Air Chicago Express, and a Slim model for folding aprons. Air Chicago XL and XXL models will also fold blankets and other larger and thicker items in addition to small pieces.

The Aircumulator Carousel is a labor-saving model that receives and stacks small items onto storage bars. Smaller folder / stackers such as the Flipper are available for automatic bundling of very small items such as bar wipes, washcloths, and shop towels.

All Chicago folders feature CHI controls for ease of automation and consistency of use by operators, managers, and service personnel. No other laundry folding equipment company offers the variety and reliability of Chicago’s complete folder range.



Skyline CT

SKYLINE™ is Chicago's flagship large piece commercial laundry folder series with the longest list of standard features in the industry. This line of laundry folders is available in 120" and 136... (read more)

Skyline Blanket

Skyline Blanket

SKYLINE™ BLANKET is a special version of the Skyline folder designed for folding tumble dried or ironed bath and thermal blankets, many types of bedspreads, and sheets. It may be fed by hand or... (read more)

Blanket Blaster

Blanket Blaster Finishing System

BLANKET BLASTER™ cornerless blanket feeding / folding / stacking system has the fastest throughput, best piece-per-labor hour rate, and best finished quality stacked linen in the industry. Blanket... (read more)

Skyline Mini

Skyline Mini Triple Play

SKYLINE™ MINI offers all the standard features found on the Skyline Blanket, but in a special smaller sized edition. Great for laundries that need a dedicated machine to process substantial... (read more)

Air Chicago

Air Chicago CT

The AIR CHICAGO folder series offers a wide range of models to meet the needs of commercial laundries. In fact, hospitality and health care laundry facilities prefer Air Chicago for their... (read more)

Air Chicago XL/XXL

Air Chicago XL

AIR CHICAGO laundry folding technology is also available in two extended lengths, XL and XXL. These larger machines accommodate bath blankets and thermal blankets up to 96" (2200 mm) or 108... (read more)

Air Chicago Express

Air Chicago Express

The best of both worlds—a new Air Chicago Series model with all the quality, reliability and accuracy of the original Air Chicago commercial folder in a more streamlined format. Designed for... (read more)

Air Chicago Slim

Air Chicago Slim Folding System

Now there is a member of the Air Chicago folder family specifically designed for aprons and other small / medium sized items. The AIR CHICAGO SLIM is a compact niche small piece folder for small... (read more)


Lint Buster

A true air filter and scrubber with vacuum, that removes lint, dust and contaminants from the air. Chicago now offers a great new auxiliary item to help remove lint from the area around an Air... (read more)

Air Chicago Quattro

Air Chicago Quattro

For laundries that desire automatic post-sorting ability, Air Chicago Quattro is a newly designed high speed towel and gown folder combines the precision processing standards of the original Air... (read more)


Flipper high speed folder stacker

FLIPPER is a simple high speed labor saving half-folder / stacker for the automatic counting and stacking of flat or half folded small articles such as face cloths, wiper cloths, shop towels and... (read more)


Bridge linen transition conveyor - Extended

The compact BRIDGE laundry conveyor neatly transfers stacks of folded linen from a sheet, blanket, or towel folder onto a master laundry conveyor system. After receiving stacked linen directly... (read more)

Skyline SP

Skyline CT SP

SKYLINE™ SP is the industry's most versatile multi-lane automatic laundry folder that performs one or two primary folds or flat stacks pillowcases, napkins, scrubs and other items.

It can... (read more)

Aircumulator Carousel

Aircumulator Carousel - 4 Lane Model

AIRCUMULATOR CAROUSEL is a multi-lane labor saving folder stacker that automatically receives and stacks flat small pieces. Often used as an automatic napkin folder and stacker, the Carousel also... (read more)

Aircumulator Solo

Aircumulator Solo

Similar to the Carousel, AIRCUMULATOR SOLO small piece stacker receives and accumulates flat items such as napkins, pillowcases or aprons onto one storage bar in each lane. Its extremely compact... (read more)