Automatic Laundry Spreading and Feeding Equipment

Edge CT

Chicago’s Edge® automatic spreading and feeding equipment line offers labor-saving laundry solutions for the accurate high volume presentation of sheets and table linen into flatwork ironing and / or folding equipment. A patented cornerless method of finding linen allows operators to load an Edge, King Edge, or Edge Maxx series spreader / feeder faster and with less manual labor than any other spreading and feeding equipment. The CHI microprocessor simplifies linen movements, eliminates many maintenance- intense mechanical parts, and makes everyone’s job easier by integrating control and diagnostic functions with the rest of the finishing line.



Edge CT

EDGE is the cornerless linen feeder that revolutionized large piece linen feeding. This high efficiency spreader / feeder features the world's first cornerless sheet or blanket loading system... (read more)

Edge Maxx

Edge Maxx CT

EDGE MAXX™ is the very fastest laundry feeder of the Edge family; a perfect mix of performance and simplicity from Chicago, it’s the market leader in laundry feeding technology. This unique... (read more)

Ultra Maxx

Ultra Maxx

ULTRA MAXX is the new high production dual Input cornerless spreader feeder designed to keep up with the very fastest operators and ironers processing large linen items of any size – including... (read more)

King Edge

King Edge CT

KING EDGE cornerless flatwork feeder has all the advantages of the original Edge with several added speed and convenience features. Its cornerless "two target" loading system, auto-lift... (read more)

King Edge Vac

King Edge Vac CT

KING EDGE VAC is an upgraded model of the King Edge flatwork feeder. Its linen feeding system uses a vacuum chamber for a laydown method that results in world class finished linen. It boasts high... (read more)

Blanket Blaster

Blanket Blaster Finishing System

BLANKET BLASTER™ cornerless blanket feeding / folding / stacking system has the fastest throughput, best piece-per-labor hour rate, and best finished quality stacked linen in the industry. Blanket... (read more)


Flex-Feed compact two station spreader feeder

FLEX-FEED is a versatile, compact and fast two-station linen spreader feeder with a built-in vacuum laydown system for hand fed items. An especially versatile machine, Flex-feed is designed to... (read more)


FasTrack four station clip feeder

FasTrack uses a four station clip feeder for the high volume spreading and feeding of sheets and table linen into high production flatwork ironers. A first-class spreader / feeder, it has the... (read more)


O.P.L. compact high performance spreader feeder

OPL is a compact, fast and ergonomically correct built-in laundry spreader feeder designed to keep up with the speed and power of the Chicago Tri-Star & CrosStar Ironer / Folder Series, as well... (read more)

Rapid Feed

Rapid Feed

Rapid Feed is a powerful and extremely compact vacuum feeder designed to produce more linen with top quality leading and trailing edges and less operator effort in high volume feeding... (read more)

Easi-Feed II

Easi-Feed II

Easi-Feed® II is a built-in feeding aid for Century and Powerhouse deep chest ironers. The Easi-Feed II laundry feeding machine improves the finished quality of large and small linen items for... (read more)


Roller Feed

ROLLERFEED is the economical feeding aid that allows one person to feed large items such as sheets or table linen into a Laser Line, Tri-Star, or CrosStar ironer or ironer/folder. An... (read more)