A Century Later, We're Still Revolutionizing The Industry

Chicago Dryer Factory

Then, it was cabinet dryers and wooden washers. Later, Chicago built copper and steel washers, dryers, and accessories so a complete laundry could be outfitted with Chicago products. As the demand for expanded choices and more productive equipment grew after World War II, Chicago began to focus only on flatwork finishing equipment. Today, the Chicago line is the world's widest range of separating, feeding, ironing, folding and linen handling equipment for laundries of all sizes. No one knows more about flatwork finishing than Chicago. It's our only business and we've been at it for over 100 years. Whether you need to finish millions of pounds of healthcare, institutional, or hospitality linen per year, or just a few hundred pounds per week, Chicago has the solution that's just right for you.

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Finishing Is Our Only Business

Chicago specializes in designing and building systems to feed, dry, iron, and fold washed sheets, pillowcases and table linen, as well as tumble dried towels, blankets, patient gowns, scrubs and specialty items. Just as important as the hardware and software installed in any project are the knowledge, dedication, and creativity of the people in the organization chosen to provide the most efficient system to perform the flatwork finishing task. As you will see, technical expertise, product innovation, quality, and tradition are powerful reasons to choose Chicago as your single source for flatwork finishing innovation and solutions.

Why We Finish First

Chicago is one of the few finishing equipment manufacturers in the world that designs and fabricates its own products, including electronic controls, rather than relying on outside sources. This vertical integration gives Chicago complete quality control of manufacturing from start to finish, the ability to offer additional standard features while retaining a competitive price, the flexibility to promptly respond to changing customer needs, and single source responsibility for the entire finishing system.

The Innovation Leader

Because flatwork finishing is Chicago's specialty, our designers are always interested in finding creative ways to accommodate a user's special needs. Throughout our product range, you will find "Chicago Originals" developed in response to these customer requests. Many are patented; others are just a better way of doing things. It requires additional time and investment to develop and build products incorporating these innovations, but the gains in efficiency and finished linen quality for our customers are well worth the extra effort.

Extensive Manufacturing Facility

Chicago's factory has the widest assortment of high production lathes, press brakes, and metal-working tools in the industry, providing Chicago with the production capacity to offer its broad range of models and value-added features. Chicago also owns the U.S. laundry industry's first computer operated laser cutting centers. Up to 3000 watts of laser power with flying optics and servo drive are used to precisely position and cut openings for rolls, bearings, and other components. One of Chicago's laser cutting systems is also the only one in the laundry industry that stores sheets of flat steel of different gauges and can be programmed to automatically load and cut the correct piece of steel unattended "around the clock" to help ensure maximum flexibility and speed in the fabrication of Chicago's diverse line. After the basic structural and mechanical parts have been fabricated, experienced teams individually assemble each Chicago model, integrating the highest quality electrical, pneumatic, and heating components into the assembled product. The final step before shipment is the testing and inspection of each unit under load conditions with an assortment of linen.

Our World Is Flat. Our Ideas Aren't.

Because Chicago concentrates all of its efforts on flatwork finishing, it is the industry leader in developing innovative products and technology. This long list of originals which have become "best sellers" continues to grow as a result of Chicago's ongoing commitment to research and development in this specialized field. This is your assurance that a capital expenditure for Chicago equipment is an investment in a properly sized system with excellent long-term value.

One Call Can Save A Lot Of Energy. Including Yours.

Through over a century of continuous family ownership, Chicago has worked with local distributors to provide objective planning and sizing help to users and facility designers, as well as parts and service support throughout the long useful life of the equipment. Chicago's broad product range ensures that it can supply the proper solutions to match a laundry's exact needs, while efficiently complimenting washing and ancillary equipment. The quantity and fabric content of linen to be processed, as well as local utility, labor, floor space, and future expansion factors are considered by Chicago's laundry planning department before a no-obligation equipment recommendation is made.

Worldwide Distributor Support

Chicago distributors are the best in the industry in knowledge, service, and the quality of products they offer to work alongside Chicago equipment in a complete laundry facility. We invite you to put a century of experience to work for you by contacting your local Chicago distributor or the factory to learn how we can help you become a more cost efficient producer of high quality finished linen.

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