Clean Show '09

At the World’s Columbian Exposition in 1893, attendees saw a display of Chicago® equipment and many other innovations including electric light...

From inventing drying cabinets in Teddy Roosevelt’s days, to helping hospitality laundries meet growing needs when the country was expanding under JFK in the 1960’s, to the age of hands-off automated towel processing in today’s Obama years, only Chicago has been there to see it all. Timeless values such as innovation,

stability and service are now more important than ever. Chicago leads the way by making tough finishing jobs easier for employees and laundry management. This commitment to excellence and providing rock-solid service to sustain that excellence are what has allowed Chicago to prosper through the years.

Isn’t having the entire Chicago network at your side a comforting thought when you invest in your business to meet present and future flatwork finishing needs? Our proven expertise in building flatwork separating, feeding, ironing, and folding equipment adds up to saving more Hamiltons, Jacksons, and Franklins every day.

Innovation, Quality, Customer Service, and Conservation of Resources are the cornerstones of Chicago’s dependability and leadership in the laundry industry. That’s why our customers are still “Bully” for Chicago over 100 years later.

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